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Japan Digital Infrastructure Week 2024

Tokyo | Osaka 

5 -7 June

Japan's DC industry is poised for significant growth, projected to reach US$30 billion by 2026 with a 6.5% CAGR from 2021's US$23 billion. Beyond statistical trends, this represents a transformation in the technological landscape. Navigating the complexities of the industry requires more than strategic planning – it demands relationships. That's where we come in. Digital Infrastructure Week offers an exclusive opportunity to connect with industry insiders, providing insights into the nuances of this dynamic environment.

Welcome to Japan Digital Infrastructure Week, your gateway to success in Japan's business landscape. This event brings together industry leaders in a collaborative and professional setting to showcase excellence in the field. It serves as more than just an event; it's your direct avenue to establish meaningful connections, gain technological insights, and explore valuable opportunities. Don't miss this chance to position yourself at the forefront of Japan's evolving DC industry.

700+ Cloud and Data Center Players

Thought Leadership: Keynote speaker Datacenter and Cloud

Enhancing Your Brand Exposure within the Community

700+ Attendees: Showcase your brand among a discerning audience of business owners and C-level executives.
High-Profile Panels: Position yourself as an industry leader by participating in discussions with key players.
Market Penetration: Seamlessly integrate into the Japanese market with a community that values innovation.

Be among the 1%

 99% of DC Operators remain oblivious to the influential trends shaping Japan Cloud and Data Center landscapes.

Be among the 1% with exclusive access to influential trends shaping the industry.
Complex Policies Decoded: Understand regulations and policies, ensuring compliance and mitigating risks.
Technological Front-Runner: Be at the forefront of evolution with insights into cutting-edge advancements.

Tech innovation: Tech talk Cloud expo

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